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Monday, April 23, 2012

Những người mê ăn thịt nên đọc

Just as you don’t like pain, others don’t. Knowing this, treat others with care, respect and compassion, as you treat yourself (Lord Mahavir.)

People who eat meat are responsible for al the pain that grows out of meat-eating; not only the horrors of the slaughterhouse, but also the preliminary horrors of the railway traffic, of the steamboat, and ship traffic; all the starvation and the thirst and the prolonged misery of fear which these unhappy creatures have to pass through for the gratification of the appetite of man……. All pain acts as a record against humanity and slackens and retards the whole human growth (Anne Besant – 1847-1993 – English philosopher)

From all points of view, we’re all the same in wanting happiness and not wanting suffering. Now you are only one, but others are infinite in number. Therefore, others are more important than you (Dalai Lama)

Animals do not “give” their life to us, as sugar-coated lie would have it. No, we take their lives. They struggle and fight to the last breath, just as we would do if we were in their places (John Robbins)

Alas, what wickedness to swallow fish into our own flesh, to fatten our greedy bodies by cramming in other bodies, to have one living creature fed by the death of another (Ovid 43 B.C – 17?AD – Roman poet)

The only way to live is to let live (Mahatma Grandhi)

As a Buddist monk, my concern extends to all members of the human family and indeed, to all sentient beings who suffer. I believe all suffering is caused by ignorance. People inflict pain in others in the selfish pursuit of their happiness and satisfaction (His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Oslo, Dec 10, 1989 – Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech)

All beings with two, three, four, or five senses…….in fact all creation know individually pleasure and displeasure, pain, terror and sorrow. All are full of fears, which come from all directions. And yet there exist people who would cause great pain to them……..Some kill animals for sacrifice; some for their skin, flesh, blood, feathers, teeth or tusks….; some kill them intentionally and some unintentionally; some kill because they have been previously injured by them….and some because they expect to be injured. He who harms animals has not understood or renounced deeds of sin….. Those whose minds are at peace and who are free from passions do not desire to live at the expense of others (Lord Mahavira - in Acaranga Sutra)

We can treat the heart of a man by the treatment of animals (Inmanuel Kant – 1724-1804, German philosppher)

People who talk as much as they like about their religion, but if it does not teach them to be good and kind to other animals as well as humans, it is all a sham (Anna Sewell)

Anyone who has ever heard the scream of an animal being killed could never again eat its flesh (Confucius 551-479 BC)

While ourselves are the living graves of murdered beasts, how can we expect any ideal conditions on Earth? (George Bernard Shaw)

Truly man is the king of beast, for his brutality exceeds theirs; we live by the death of others; we are burial places (Leonardo Da Vinci – 1452-1519, Italian painter)

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated (Mahatma Grandhi)

Poem “Every individual’s Responsibility”
We are humans and we have wit
But we do not think of others a bit
Just for a seconds satisfaction for the
Taste of our tongue
We are thoughtlessly eating the animals’ meat
Shouldn’t we stop this savage habit?

What will feed or say
If swords were struck in your neck?
What will you do or say
If your mother is being beheaded?
Imagine the same on speechless animals
What can they say?

Can’t you hear the animals scream
When their head is separating?
Can’t you feel their shrieking pain
When the blood springs from their slit neck?
Will you protect… or let them suffer?

Don’t kick or abuse the stray animals
They wag their tales to great you with joy
Cherish them with love and kind treatment.
They own nothing and speechless they are
Yet they’ll never forget your thoughts.

Let’s pray and work for a world of peace
Not in just words but in reality
For you and for me, for large and for little;
For every creature deserve forever freedom.

Vì sao ăn thịt lại dễ bị bệnh??????   



  1. nói đi cũng phải nói lại, ko ăn thì lấy gì sống :(