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Monday, September 1, 2014

How to stop making excuses not to travel (English version)

Lưu ý: Bài này không phải do tôi viết mà do tôi chôm ở trên mạng. Bài viết bằng tiếng Anh và tôi làm biếng dịch ra tiếng Việt. Do đó các bạn chịu khó đọc tiếng Anh nghen!

Bài được chôm từ trang web này

Part I : how to stop making excuses not to travel

Common Reasons for Not Traveling

The net says: It’s through travel, most importantly, that we meet and comprehend the outside world. We can read every single thing about the places in papers or see them on TV or the web, however its astounding how better places end up being the point at which you truly visit them.

  Why is it that some people can’t stop making excuses not to travel?

Being engaged to a few travel websites as an online associate, I can’t help but to be inspired with all their adventures. As a result , I wind up to these questions: why does traveling appear to be so easy for them? Why can they travel and why can’t I? What do they have that I don’t? What am I doing and not? Why the hell it took me this long to work towards it!? 

For a considerable length of time I have been asking these very same questions, yet it is just recently that I seek after in searching deeper what could be the answer to all this. What were my reasons for not traveling?
·         I don’t have the money to spend for it.
·         What about my kids?
·         What about my job? I don’t have the time.

And throughout the time of doing my research, it turned out that these three reasons are the same ones most people have for not traveling. And on top of these, there appeared to have a few more reasons for one can’t travel which I will hook up here just in case it will come out to be one of yours. Fair enough? You’re welcome! 

This includes:
·         I don’t want to be away from my family.
·         I’m scared. What if…?
·         I don’t want to change my lifestyle.

And you know what I found out? Every bit of my research boils down to one thing- the reason for why I didn’t travel was a decision that I made, not the ones I made myself to believe in. The reasons can vary widely, but in the end, they are all the same thing: an excuse. In the same way as with the different factors in our lives, if we really love or want something, there is an instant when you need to simply move towards it. Provided you don’t, there will dependably be a thousand reasons not to. Most people I know who held up to travel never did. And I would prefer not to be one of them, wouldn’t you?

In the next parts of this series which will come your way in the following days, we will talk about each of these reasons and how we can erase it from our list. What are those we can do to stop us from making excuses not to travel?

So come back and wouldn’t it be great if we could talk again? See yah!

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